Blogologues: Dat A.S.S. (Annual Sex Show!)


We’re headed to Philly!

 June 7, 13 & 14

Click here to get tickets for PHILLY and join in on the brotherly love!

Dat Ass slider low rez


OPENING MARCH 21. FRIDAYS + SATURDAYS THROUGH MARCH 29 at 9:30pm The COW, 21A Clinton Street, NYC***

$20 online, $25 at the door. Each ticket includes a VERY sexy gift bag!

Sponsored by AlleyNYC, LELO, Babeland, With support from Lifestyles Condoms, Vixen Creations, The Pleasure Chest, SquadUp, and The Michael Palm Foundation.


We all know you spent February (the “Month of Love”), masturbating and drinking alone in your bedroom. Now that you have probably killed your liver, sprained your wrist and ruined all your socks, come get yo freak on at Blogologues: Dat A.S.S (Annual Sex Show).

At this show, you will watch everything you sick bast#rds spend your time during work day dreaming about: Getting laid on AirBnB,  One Direction’s personal sex slave, and — of course — bros with My Little Pony fetishes…CAUSE WE GENEROUS WITH OUR MATERIAL AND AIN’T NOBODY JUDGIN YO SEXY TIME. You do you, boo boo.

The best part is, you’re not alone!  IT’S TIME FOR ALL OF US WEIRDOS TO GET OUR FREAK ON TOGETHER. Get your tickets QUICK…. they probably won’t last long; like us, in bed.

Feathers Sexy

Featuring Adam Levinthal, Wendy Joy, Gary Berard, Allison Goldberg, and Jen Jamula
Associate Director: Madeline O’Hara
Stage Manager: Jackie Filer
Choreographer: Jacqueline Hansen 
Sound Designer: Matthew Wharton
Projection Designer: Carlos Jerez
Lighting Designer: Christina Watanabe
Props + Costumes: Casey Malone

***Sexy afterparty @ Donnybrook to follow! <3


dat ass

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